Guide to the Corbettmaths Primary Website

Welcome to the Corbettmaths Primary Website!


  • Daily task designed to give students the chance to complete 2 arithmetic and 3 reasoning questions.
  • There are 4 different levels of difficulty, so all Key Stage 2 students are catered for.
  • The 5-a-day give students the chance to regularly revisit topics previously covered and therefore improve retention of knowledge.
  • Ideal for starters or daily maths activity within school.
  • Alternatively can be shared with parents for use at home.
  • Useful for extension tasks or can even be used to create interactive displays

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Video Tutorials

  • Concise video tutorials on all topics within Key Stage 2
  • Ideal to support students with their learning, whether to review previously covered topic or even as an introduction/preview to new material.
  • Can be used to help with intervention for students needing support on a topic.
  • Helpful to support students who are absent or need to “catch-up.”
  • Or even to extend the most able on a challenging topic.
  • Very useful for providing feedback on work, e.g. “To improve on Coordinates, watch Video 13 and …”
  • Can be shared with parents, e.g. “This term we are learning…”
  • Very useful to support students/parents when setting a homework.

Questions and Answers

  • Nearly 80 (and ever increasing) booklets of questions on Key Stage 2 topics.
  • Ideal for working on in class when learning a topic.
  • Ideal for “cutting and pasting” questions into presentations/worksheets (please do not add to the TES resources – Terms of Use)
  • Perfect for using as homework or creating tests from.
  • Helpful to support students who are absent or need to “catch-up” on a topic.
  • Useful for parents to help support their child on a topic.
  • Answers are available, to help with speedy marking or to allow self marking.

Primary Study Cards

  • 72 detailed, engaging Study Cards for Primary students
  • Designed to match the Key Stage 2 curriculum
  • Each card has its own Video – there are over 7 hours in total!
  • Each card has its own set of questions and solutions – over 1100!
  • Big discounts for schools (order form)
  • Ideal to support students with their learning throughout Key Stage 2
  • Can be used at home, independently or with parents.
  • Great to use in class, for intervention or extension.
  • Excellent for interactive classroom displays
  • Enlarged sets available for visually impaired student

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Practice Papers

  • Will be added over the next 6 months
  • There will be many Key Stage 2 Practice Papers
  • Also covering 11+ style papers and NI Transfer Test